Sunday, 25 January 2015

Serenity - Hah!

I think that I was probably a bit too quick to come up with a word to live the year by.  As you may recall my word of choice was serenity and so far this year has been far from serene.  In that respect the word was a good choice because I am having to come up with outlets to help me achieve serenity and my newly rekindled love for Zentangle is helping me do just that.

I am still finding it hard to come to terms with what happened to Gizmo and am thankful that he is still with us.  I really must stop worrying about external factors that I cannot control and accept that these things are part of life and part of maturing and evolving as a person.

I took this photo of Gizmo yesterday.  It looks like a chunk of his right side is missing but it only looks so bad because his fur has been cut away.  Today he's been purring and trying to play a little bit.  He is eating and drinking well so they are both good signs.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Gizmo Post Op - Graphic Photo Warning!

This is how Gizmo looked when I brought him back from the vet's yesterday evening.  I was shocked to see that a lot of his fur had been shaved off and concerned that he didn't have any type of dressing over the wounds.  I think that people say it is best to get the air circulating around a cut but I am worried if he knocks himself and starts to bleed.

He is due to return to the vets on Monday and then at a later date to have the stitches removed. In the meantime he refuses to have his antibiotics and medicine no matter how hard I try to disguise them in his food. Oh well, lets hope that things improve as the day goes by. 

A big thank you for all your good wishes.  It really does help to know that people care. x

Thursday, 22 January 2015

It Never Rains But it Pours

Isn't it strange how luck, good or bad, seems to come in a run of events.  Despite trying to remain upbeat this year (and I am really trying) things have not really been that great.

To update you with Gizmo, he has two nasty infected abscess's caused by a cat bite in the fight he had two weeks ago.  These bites were not discovered by the vet when he was initially checked over.  During the last couple of days I noticed that Gizmo was giving off a really nasty smell and looked unkempt around his lower neck area and on the back of his neck.  This morning I attempted to put him in the bath and gently wash those areas that had become matted.  He did not let me do this willingly and I was shocked when I discovered why.  As his fur parted under his neck I noticed a gaping wound. 

To cut a long and laborious story short, he has to go under general anaesthetic and the operation is tricky because the wound is near a jugular vein.

I had to sit down when the vet estimated that the bill will be around £700.  It is at times like this that I wish I'd had him insured.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hard Frost

We have not had any snow where I am in the South East but at midday we still have a hard frost.  It is still, bitterly cold and sunny.  I am glad to have a cold spell in the winter months - my reasoning is that it gives the earth a chance to sleep and reawaken in the spring.  I also believe that it kills off any germs or bacteria that may be lurking!

I am trying to stay a step ahead this year and preparing for events before they arise as much as I can.  I am much too last minute about many things.  I am getting my health sorted out  this month and also feel the urge to put an emergency box together with groceries and 'essentials' such as candles, matches, soap.  I don't know why I feel the need to do this but I don't think it would do harm to have something like this in place.  If there were to be a catastrophic event where I was unable to leave the house at least I would have some supplies to tide me over.

I am thinking of logging my achievements each month at the end of the month here on the blog.  That way I can look back and see what I have done over the past year.  It may be something as small as the completion of reading a book, learning a new skill or as big as decluttering a room.  I think that doing this may spur me on to get things accomplished so I can say 'I did that'!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Skill - Machine Sewing

I am not a fan of machine sewing.  Never really understood about loading and threading the bobbin and the mystery of the different types of sewing 'feet'.  Saying that, I have accumulated a few sewing machines over the years hoping that each one would lead to a new found love.

Anyway, an opportunity arose this week which was to attend free local sewing classes provided by our residents priority fund.   Here was a chance to make something and take the evidence home.  Literally a five minute walk from where I live I would have been a fool not to embrace the challenge.

After a morning's worth of guided tuition I sprung home with a pair of pyjama bottoms.  Who knew that sewing in elastic wasn't so difficult after all.  I look forward to another sewing class next month.  Could I have eventually caught the sewing bug?  That remains to be seen. :-)

Thursday, 15 January 2015


I have been using my new watercolour paints to make background washes until I get used to them.  On the postcard above I have added a zentangle/doodle design incorporating my word (Serenity) for 2015.  I must say though that the bitty design I have created doesn't leave me feeling serene at all even if the process was calming!  Much more practise is needed until I am satisfied with the outcome.

To update on Gizmo: he is still very poorly and not left the house since last Thursday.  It pains me to see him so lethargic after being such an agile cat.  I am sure he will recover in time and I remain upbeat in knowing that I am doing the best as I can for him.

January has been an unkind month, with the shocking news and  sudden death of an energetic and likable vineyard volunteer. I remain resolute is squeezing as much goodness and joy out of life as I can.  I count my blessings often and will never take life for granted.

After a night of howling wind and heavy rain, the day has started quietly.  The clouds are lifting and the sun is pushing its way through.  Time for a brisk walk and some contemplation.

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Poor Gizmo is lame at the moment.  On Thursday evening My OH heard cats fighting in the street.  I didn't hear as I was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner.  A little while later Gizmo showed up at the dining room window to be let in.  As he jumped down I noticed he was limping badly.  I don't know whether he was injured fighting with another cat or from jumping down from a high place.

He is quite poorly and not been out of the house since Thursday apart from a trip to the vets where he was prescribed painkillers.  He sits with his front right paw elevated and spends most of his day sleeping and looking very sorry for himself.

Although this is not a great start for the second week in the new year, at least his injury is manageable.  It could have been a lot worse.  Any positive thoughts towards a speedy recovery for Gizmo (he hates being stuck indoors!) would be most appreciated. x