Saturday, 17 March 2018

Quote Of The Day

I'm in a pensive mood.  There is much to say but for today I will keep my thoughts to myself.  I just won't serve them tea.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Where I'm At

I am quiet
But I'm not a fool
I watch you
Bumbling red faced man
As you rant and shout expletives

I am quiet
But I am still valid
Shouty people
Do not have the sole right to rule
Even though they think they do

I am quiet
And I watch the circus
from the sidelines
Even when they
Want to draw me in

I am quiet
I wish to stay quiet
And be quietly dignified
As I exit the door
To the quietness outside

Simone Whipp 11/3/2018

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Paper Flower Bouquet

I saw images of wrapped paper cut out flowers on instagram account and decided to do my version.  I splodged watercolour paper with paints and when dry drew on some flower shapes with a fine-liner pen.  I then cut them out and wrapped individual pieces into bunches of flowers.

It was a great warm up project for me and it has given me some creative ideas that I want to explore further. 

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Self Expression Journal

I watch a lot of YouTube tutorials and videos about creativity and more recently about journaling.  In addition to keeping a diary or notebook, I have discovered there is now a whole world of different ways to journal including art journals, junk journals, smash books, glue books, sketch books, doodle books and a whole lot of varying reasons for doing so.  I have felt quite overwhelmed with  information on how to do it, when all I want to do is create without pressure, without being judged purely to satisfy my need for self expression.  I often thought there was a 'right' way to journal - there isn't. 

Back to basics, I am using an A5 watercolour notepad and watercolour paints.  I am going through the notepad to 'prepare' the pages for journaling.  By this I mean that I am going through the book, saturating pairs of pages with water and then letting the paint do its thing without much interference from me.  Once the book has no scary blank pages left I will write my thoughts, quotes that mean something to me, poems and maybe some sketches on the painted pages.  There is no time frame for this.  I will add something to the book as and when I feel the need to.  The contents of the book will be entirely unique.  My self expression in a book.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Musings and a Carrot Cake

I have realised recently that I am a comfort eater.  I have stuck wonderfully to my new healthier way of eating since September 2017.  As long as I make sure that no 'unhealthy' food is in the house I am fine but a few times over the past couple of months (at least) I have been lapsing into the 'old' ways.  Now, I don't want to become obsessive about my food and know that as long as I am eating well for the majority of the time I can eat a cake or biscuits occasionally. 

I have been miserable since returning to work after the Christmas break.  I have kept quiet about my job on the blog and tried to be upbeat and positive but sometimes there is no hiding from the true way we are feeling. Although I am now earning a wage again the thought of staying in this line of work until my retirement sends me into a blind panic.   When I am feeling low I reach for something sweet: a couple of squares of chocolate, a small bar of chocolate, a larger bar of chocolate.......... a sweet tooth and a sad soul is never satiated no matter how much of the sweet stuff is consumed.

There is a culture of bullying in this particular workplace.  People that have worked here for years rule the roost.  There is no such thing as 'all staff treated equally 'and 'every member of staff matters' which are written up and displayed on notice boards.  I find myself isolated, eating alone at lunch break, and having nothing in common with my colleagues. I have tried to engage with them and know a lot about their lives as I have shown an interest.  However they no nothing of me and my life because they couldn't give a s**t. 

Anyway.  Today I baked a sugar laden carrot cake smothered in a sweet cream cheese topping.  I will probably hate myself next week after eating it, but thank goodness I still attend my fitness class.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Covent Garden and Seven Dials - Part 2

Looking into the shop window of Patisseree Valerie. Such prettiness.

A welcoming floral garland above a door and inside the shop doorway too......

 The old fashioned red phone boxes that adorned the streets when I was a child.

Inside the market.

A unique shop display of the most utilitarian items!   Humourous, characterful, washing up brushes and utensils to add fun to the chores!  I would have spent far too much money if I had gone inside. I wanted it all!!!

Her Majesty says hi!

 I love the emotion mugs!

One more look in the window.  I really wish I had bought myself a cheese grater lady.  Next time!

Covent Garden and Seven Dials - Part 1

I love Covent Garden and the Seven Dials region.  It appeals to my senses.  Something old, something new, something spiritual ......

Colour on a dreary day.

An unexpected blackboard with some food for thought.

Buildings that look like they are sponsored by Crayola (they are not!)

More modern buildings.

Tatty Devine's quirky jewellery designs.

Simple but effective ready to wear accessories.

Gudrun Sjoden had a wonderful shop display.  I didn't have time to look around the shop but I went in to ask for a catalogue and not only did the staff give me a free catalogue but a lovely printed cotton bag to carry it in too!

Stanfords was full of books and maps and globes.  A travellers paradise!  Even the carpet beyond the entrance was printed like a huge map!

More photos to follow in part 2.