Saturday, 18 April 2015

Zentangle Saturday #2

For this Zentangle I added some shading with a 5B pencil.  Some of the tangles included here are Kings Crown, Cubine, Chillon, Hollibaugh and Swirls.

If you want more information about Zentangle a good place to start is  

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Blue Sky Day

Many chores to be fulfilled today when all I really wanted to do was something arty and creative.  Never mind.  The cornflower blue sky made all those mundane tasks infinitely enjoyable and as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Zentangle Saturday

Each Saturday I will be posting up a picture of a Zentangle that I have been working on that day/week.  There. I have said it now so I am committed!  Truth be told, I wasn't going to post this picture as I am not very happy with how it turned out but I deduced that I will get better as the weeks progress.  I have been using designs from Suzanne McNeill's Zentangle workbooks and the patterns above have names such as Topos, Boodle, Floats and Lea!

I have ordered some 'proper' smooth paper tiles to draw onto and a set of Pigma MICRON Sakura pens.  Today I used an artists trading card to draw on and the pen I was using kept catching and dragging on the paper.  I am sure that with the correct tools for the job I will have a much more satisfying outcome.

Have you tried Zentangle yet?  I find it most satisfying and meditative and would really like to make it part of a daily practice.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Arrival

The plum tree is blossoming.  Spring has arrived.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Be Still

My mind has been in turmoil today.  I have exasperated myself with having so much free time and not knowing what to do.  In the end I just closed my eyes and sat very still.  This poem came to me.

Be Still

Be still and then maybe you’ll find
Clarity and peace of mind

Be still like a stone on the ground
And listen, do not make a sound

Be still and let your breathing slow
Relax and let your conscience go

Be still, switch off the inner chatter
Destructive voices do not matter

Be still and feel an inner glow
Be still, that’s all you need to know

Simone Whipp April 2015

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Making Beautiful

No matter what anyone says, in my eyes I will never be beautiful. My low self esteem and embarrassment about the way I look has taken years to manifest itself so I know it will take a long time to 'get over myself', but just because I do not see me as looking beautiful (or even average) I see beauty in others and the things around me.  With this in mind instead of concentrating on trying to look beautiful I am putting my efforts into making beautiful!

I've made the bracelet above using gemstones that were aesthetically pleasing to me.  I like the coldness of the stones and the way that the colours work together.  When I am making jewellery I am totally absorbed in the process.  I like to think that a little bit of my soul is infused in my work.  I would imagine that many creators feel that way too.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I am like the pearls in the photo above. I am perfectly imperfect.  Cultured pearls should not be even and smooth and identical.  Their surface texture is grainy and have slight scarring and irregularities in the layers of nacre.  The pearls are beautiful to look at but they are not perfect.

I am using the pearl analogy to convince myself that although I do not have classic good looks , there may be beauty to be found in my imperfections.  I am the opposite of everything that the western World deems to be beautiful.  It is a constant battle to look 'normal' let alone as a beauty! Given a choice though, I would rather be healthy than beautiful but recently even my health has been letting me down.  With the resolve to get myself checked over this year and to be able to feel and look good I have been to the GP, dentist, hairdresser and more recently to the opticians.

My eyes have not been tested for 4 years so after visiting the rather dour optometrist, was advised that I needed a new glasses prescription.  A chirpy young woman guided me around the various ranges of glasses showing me the two for one offers and their budget ranges.  I said that I would rather come back another day with my son and get his opinion on what suited me but I lingered thinking I might as well get it sorted there and then rather than coming back later in the week. I spent a bit of time looking around and then another helpful assistant came over to me. 

Even though I have to wear glasses most of the time (except for close work) glasses do not really suit me.  Saying that, I now have a 'glasses face' in which I look strange when I am not wearing any!  I have got to know the type of shape that looks better on me over the years but was somehow convinced to try on some metallic lavender coloured frames with delicate embossing on the arms.  After a short consultation and fitting, I paid up and was told to come back and collect in two weeks time.

Yesterday the two weeks was up.  I saw a lovely new recruit (she had just started that morning) who asked me to sit and wait in a booth whilst she fetched over my new glasses.  'Put them on.  What do you think?'  Well I think I was as surprised as she was when I said ' I look ugly. They do nothing for me.  What on earth was I thinking buying them?'  She was so apologetic when she saw that I was about to burst into tears and said that they would change them for another pair.  Luckily she knew exactly what I meant about feeling ugly in the glasses.  The lens area was much larger than I was used to and highlighted the dark, purple shadows and wrinkly skin under my eyes and the pinkness to the frame made my heightened colour look ever pinker.  I settled on some glasses similar to my original ones albeit an inferior quality.  I did ask if they could just change the glass in my current spectacles but they said that they wouldn't be held responsible if they broke them whilst doing so.

Going back four paragraphs, I briefly mentioned my trip to the hairdressers.  Let's just say that the young man washing my hair said that he had never washed long hair before and didn't know how to wrap it in towel.  He didn't know how to give a head massage either and squeezed my temples so hard that it brought on a migraine later that day.  Today I read on twitter that the salon had been awarded best salon in London. 

It is hard work trying to be 'beautiful'.  Even after all this 'work' I still look like I have been pulled through a hedge backwards.