Thursday, 8 October 2015

Den of Despair

This is a sneaky peak of a corner of my 'craft room'.  There are things in boxes, things out of boxes,  sewing paraphernalia, wool, paints, rubber stamps, die cutting machines, sewing machines, paper printed and plain, pens, felt, fabric, jewellery making supplies and things I don't even know I have - until I open up my boxes.  There is also craft 'stuff' all along the hall way and in my bedroom.  Enough is enough! :-)

I have seen so many wonderful creating spaces on blogs this week and I wish to follow their example.  My current environment is hardly conducive to creating and a reflection of my highly chaotic state of mind over the last few months! 

It is overwhelming when confronted with such a lot of things to sort out.  I think I will start off by putting things in large boxes then dealing with one box at a time.  If I ever get on top of organising this room I will let you know.  I believe I have posted about sorting out this room before and it was tidy for a time but never properly organised.

I am still finding and commenting on blogs in the 300in30days challenge and it has indeed been a challenge. So far I have commented  83 times since 1 October so I am on target.  Well, I'd best get on now.  I have a helluva lot of sorting out to do.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Delighted and Daunted

It has taken me a large part of the last 4 days to find and leave 51 comments on blogs.  To read about this commenting on blogs challenge originally devised by Julie of Notes on paper (click here).  I have probably read over 100 posts in that time but not all posts were conducive to leaving a comment. I have been delighted at finding so many creative blogs that showcase their work such as cloth doll making, print making, photography, design etc. but at the same time a tad overwhelmed when I see the vast amount of talent out there in cyberspace and question if I am worthy to share such a space?  I feel a bit like a film extra sharing the stage with Oscar winning performers feeling that I shouldn't really be there.

I have observed that many talented creatives tend to specialise in one area of work.  It is that honing in on a particular skill that makes them experts in their field.  I have tried so hard to do this but with a low boredom threshold and so many exciting media to work with I find myself unfocused and floundering.  Maybe it is time that I DID get focused and concentrate on one thing - say water colour paints for instance -  and just work with them for one month and then the month after concentrate on felt craft or sewing, the next jewellery making etc.etc?  I think I maybe talking myself into making a plan!  Now planning is something I am not too good at but am willing to do or else forever be on an eternal merry-go-round.

If you want to have a look at some recommended blogs they can be found by clicking on the links in my side bar.  I will be adding to the list as and when I find them  They are all interesting for different reasons but I think you will be especially delighted with the discovery of  Wilodel blog.  Go and have a look.  It will cheer you up (and me) on this grey and miserable Monday in the UK.

Happy blog hunting!

Friday, 2 October 2015

300 in 30 Days

Julie at Notes on Paper has had a great idea to leave 300 comments on blogs over 30 days.  You can read all about her reasons for doing this by visiting her blog. She writes intelligent, humorous and informative posts and is a pleasure to read.  I decided to take part in this challenge but it is actually quite difficult to find even 10 blogs which are current and that you can leave a response to!  I am usually quite good at leaving comments but have struggled with this today.  I am keeping a record of each place I leave a comment and so far today I have left 14 comments on blogs so I only have 286 comments to go over the next 30 days!  The comments have to relate to the post I am commenting on and I can't just say things like nice! or great! to help tot up the numbers!!!

I've been feeling jaded for some time now (like many people are) and thought that visiting some new blogs would give me a fresh outlook on things so Julies #300in30days challenge has come at the right time for me  At least I feel I am doing something and being proactive in seeking out new blogs in the blogosphere and hopefully making long term contact with some of them.

If you can recommend a blog for me to read and comment on - especially creative blogs - then please do let me know in the comments section below.

I don't generally talk about my family on this blog and none of them have their own blogs.  However,  I thought you may like to see a painting that my sister recently did of John Ruskin. She is self taught and painting has become her hobby. She has painted him in water colour many times but this was her first attempt at painting him in acrylics.  She doesn't think it is that good!!!  She is a massive fan of Ruskin and I think her passion for him shines through her work.

Well I am off to seek out blogs to comment on.  It is a full time job you know!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Charming Line Up

Making bag/purse charms is a pleasant diversion today.  I have even given them names from Regal Purple to Tutti Fruitti!  They are mainly made up of crystal, glass and seed beads and have a nice weight to them without being heavy.

These two are slightly different as I used silver coloured seed beads, volcanic rock, skull beads and a feature rose bead on each.  Do have a preference for any in particular? Are you drawn to certain colours?  Any feedback would be good!  I hope your week is going well.  It has been so warm and sunny here I think summer is struggling to let go.  Roll on autumn.  The nights are still far too hot!

Monday, 28 September 2015


I've been busy making handbag/purse charms.  They are great for personalising items or for people who don't/can't wear jewellery.  I may put them to sell in my etsy shop but am undecided on that at the moment.

I deleted my last post on angels in case you were wondering what happened to it.  I've deleted a few posts this year because I thought that they weren't up to par.  I may decide that this one gets the chop too, who knows?!!

Today has been a bright and very warm sunny day yet the grass stays wet due to the shortened hours of sunlight.  I really need to cut the grass and tidy the garden before the cold and wet weather sets in.  There is so much I should be doing but end up making handbag charms instead.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn and Old Friends

A card inspired by the season and old friends.

Friday, 18 September 2015


When I am no longer here
Will you miss me?
How long will it take you to realise I have gone?
Like an imprint in the sand,
Water will wash over and erase the memory

When I am no longer here
How quickly will you fill the void?
A cup of tea and some biscuits should do it
Must hurry along now
Have a very busy schedule dontcha know?

When I am no longer here
Will you breathe a sigh of relief?
As though an irritant has been removed
That perturbed the oyster
And a sense of contentment ensues

When I am no longer here
Will you regret having known me?
Was I a waste of resources?
That took the place of a deserving soul
Of that, I will never know

Simone Whipp 2015